I have over 35 years experience in printing, from offset to digital. At present more than 40% of my job involves variable printing. If you want to start or expand your variable printing business, I am your guy. I also have extensive experience in HTML, CSS and JAVA. I have built more than 50 sites for the University of Minnesota and many private customers. I built my first site on a Mac pizza box using a text editor. I've been doing this for a long time and thoroughly enjoy it.

Mostly I am a problem solver; I love solving problems. My job at the University of MN was mainly to figure out ways to do things that had never been done before. In the words of my bosses, "If you can figure out a way to do it, then it's your job!" As a result, I am currently training three people to replace me and will probably be working for them remotely for years to come.

The majority of my skills are self taught, but extensive. I love to learn. I also love my job at the U, but I love my family more. I'm retiring early to spend time with my children and grand children who live in Colorado Springs. I'm looking for opportunities that will utilize my current skills, encourage me to learn new skills, challenge me, keep me thinking, help me learn, and allow me to have fun in the process.

Key Strengths

  • Dreamweaver
  • Wordpress
  • Bootstrap
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Desktop support 
    (PC and MAC)
  • Filemaker Pro
  • Microsoft Office
  • Acrobat
  • Printshop Mail
  • Xerox Vipp
  • CS5


  • Photography
  • Astronomy
  • Cooking
  • Electric RC Gliders
  • Fishing
  • Computers hardware and software (I started out with a Commodore 64)


University of Minnesota

1976 to present

IT Pro Printing Services

  • Working with the Printing Services design department and the customer, developed appealing and user friendly sites that will be used for years to come. Samples are: in development at  and in development
  • Developed a solution to print all of the diplomas for the U of MN in an efficient and timely manner. In past there were just three diplomas available, and it took three weeks to get them printed. The customer wanted to expand to 35 diplomas and cut the printing time to one week. My solution was a combination of Filemaker Pro, Excel, and Printshop Mail. It has been working perfectly for ten years now.
  • Developed a solution for printing all season tickets for U of MN sports. In the past the tickets were printed on regular ticket stock. The Sports Department wanted to deliver a more dramatic package to their patrons. The result was a full color page of tickets for regular ticket holders and full color book for suites, both completely personalized and bar-coded for easy access to the events. After the first season we had requests from customers to reprint their tickets so that they could frame them as memorabilia.
  • Developed a solution for U of MN Admissions Scholarship Award Packets that allows Admissions to send a custom packet to each award recipent by sending us an Excel file. The solution assembles a packet from over 250 possible awards, ten letters and certificates. There can be up to 6 awards in each packet. Turn around time was cut from weeks to days and response from the students was very favorable. Acceptence rates for scholarships have gone up. The Admissions department is thrilled.

Fitzgerald Theater  (Home of A Prairie Home Companion)


Front House Manager

  • As a part time "fun" job, I managed the front house of the theater including ushers, volunteers and concessions staff. If there was a problem in the house it was MY problem. I dealt effectively with a range of issues, from angry customers to kids smoking pot. I got to see a lot of wonderful shows and meet a lot of people (and a few stars) including the theater ghost.


Microsoft Office Specialist     June 2000

Dreamweaver                       June 2001

Xerox Vipp                             July 2003